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"Wow! These guys are a GREAT and fun band! Best AC/DC tribute I have ever seen. They've got the sound, look and attitude down. Don't miss them the next time they play in the area. Highly recommended! Hail AC/DC!!!"

Bill Peters - DJ / Metal Director / Promotions at WJCU 88.7 FM & Founder/Owner of Auburn Records - Cleveland, OH  04-11-15    


"In regards to the DIRTY DEEDS EXTREME show; I had the greatest time! This band's sound is out of this world- their stage performance and presence is second to none! The energy these guys put into their show is absolutely phenomenal! Without a doubt this is a "real" Rock and Roll band that the members of AC/DC...would be proud to be sitting in the audience watching them! Congrats DIRTY DEEDS EXTREME for a performance truly...Second To None !!!!"

Suzi Lawson Uhalley (DIRTY DEEDS fan) - "Rockin' on the River" Cuyahoga Falls, OH - 05-23-14     

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"I've​​ seen many a cover band of AC/DC and nobody; nobody! does it like Dirty Deeds!" 

                      Mike Andy, AC/DC's tour manager for three world tours!

"For any promoter or booking agent looking for outstanding entertainment I highly recommend Dirty Deeds,  a powerful &  authentic tribute to AC/DC.  I booked Dirty Deeds to headline at Sterlingfest main stage concert series and found the band to be spectacular on all levels and aspects of a live band.  Aside from Dirty Deeds perfectly recreating the look and sound of both lead vocalist eras of AC/DC they were an exceptionally easy band to work with.  Dirty Deeds was clearly one of the most polished and professional bands I've had the pleasure of booking for our city festival.  Without a doubt Dirty Deeds is a high energy act that kept our audience entertained, on their feet and singing along nonstop to flawless renditions of AC/DC's deep catalog of hits." 07-26-14

Mike Crimmins - Broadcasting Services Manager - City of Sterling Heights Community Relations Department - Sterling Heights, MI

You guys put on the best show we have seen to date at Lock Three!!! WOW!!! My wife has shared many pics and a few videos from that night and I am EXCITED that we have them to remember you guys by!!! We have seen two years of tribute bands and you have been the best by far!!! I would say you played as well as if not the same as AC/DC!   Richard Miller (DIRTY DEEDS fan) 07-31-15